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In every photographer's journey, there comes a profound moment of recognizing the transformative power of photography. A single image has the potential to alter lives. In 2015, I became part of the National Geographic family, an experience that not only changed my own life but also touched the lives of many who found themselves captured through my lens.


National Geographic Photo Camp saves lives.

When I first arrived at Photo Camp in 2015, I knew nothing about the power of photography. I was a beginner in Ukraine, photographing families or children several times a month.


Thanks to Photo Camp — which introduced me to my mentor, Lynn Johnson (@ljohnphoto) — I dived much deeper, photographing life and exploring complex social themes in my work. I’m really grateful to Kirsten Elstner (@kirstenelstner), who supported me all my way, and to the photographers I met at National Geographic — Matt Moyer (@mattmoyerphoto), Anastasia Taylor- Lind (@anastasiatl), Dominic Bracco (@dominicbracco), Whitney Johnson (@whitneycatherinejohnson), Robin Hammond (@hammond_robin), David Guttenfelder (@dguttenfelder) and Jon Brack (@brackjon).

I learned to pay attention to what people don't like to talk about - loneliness, old age, childhood illness, migrants, children who were born prematurely, mental health. While working on my most recent project about Ukrainian women awaiting their loved ones on the front line, I spoke with each of them about the symptoms of depression. And afterward, two of them decided to go to the doctor and have received treatment. One of them said that I saved her life, because she thinks a lot about suicide.

Photo project about women waiting for their loved ones from the war. When we worry about someone close to us, they are always with us in our dreams and thoughts.


The project is dedicated to the aged, their dimly lit apartments, lace curtains, and time-worn walls. To how often we don’t notice an elderly person living nearby: an old lady. Probably, you haven’t even seen her leaving the apartment. These people don’t go outside. They cannot do it by themselves. A room is their little world in which nothing has changed for the past forty years, or even more.


Prudent and brave: how prematurely born children and their parents fare in times of war. Published by /


The project was created to draw the attention of young people to the history of traditional clothing of the inhabitants of the Ivano-Frankivsk region. Ivano-Frankivsk region is a region in Ukraine with four historical and ethnographic areas: Hutsulshchyna, Boykivshchyna, Opillia, and Pokuttya.



A series of photos that were taken in exchange for food during the lockdown due to the coronavirus in June 2020.


A photoshoot for a British charity supporting elderly, lonely members of the Jewish community in Kyiv.


In May 2020, a man entered my relationship with food

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